My Story

andreas-kaufmann-876134_640Natural medicine has been used as far back since history was recorded. Humans have been curing their ailments with natural remedies for thousands of years and my thoughts are that keeping things natural is the best way to tackle things.

I have personally had great successes in treating people whose ailments range from allergies to more serious conditions like organ dysfunctions.

The nutrients that our bodies need are derived from nature, not from man made substances so logic should tell us that when things go wrong with our bodies, it is this same source that we should go to.

It gives no side effects and there are no known dangers in the use of natural remedies so there really is nothing to lose.

My experience in treating ailments with natural remedies is gentle and makes practical sense so I want to share some of the benefits of this field through this blog to help educate those who are unsure of the results that are gained from it.

I hope you enjoy reading and picking up some tips.