Alternative Medicine For Anxiety

I was glancing at the ingredients labels on any bottles of medicines (cough and constipation) at my local supermarket the other day, and was amazed at the amount of natural herbs and oils that they contained.
When i hear and read the comments that any people express about what a waste of time and money alternative medicines are i wonder whether they realise just how many natural ingredients are contained in the medicines that their doctor has perscribed or their local pharmacist has recommended to treat their ailments.
All medicines be it conventional or alternative are used in the treatment of particular ailments and should be used only for the treatment that they were intended.
However with the best will in the world sometimes what is benefical for one person may not be for another,some people may be allergic to a particular ingredient,if this should be the case, consult your doctor.
This rule should also be applied should you wish to try alternative medicine and you are unsure if it might be detrhymental to any medication you might be receiving.
Over the centuries many people have been treated with natural medicines and have benefitted from there healing properties.
Today with the advancement of traditional medicines and new drugs etc people have a wider choice as to which path they wish to follow alternative or traditional.
After all, medicine in what ever form is for the benefit of all, in mans constant fight against desease and illness.
Listed below are just a few examples of the use and benefits of natural herbs and plants.
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One of the oldest known plants on earth, contains a variety of powerfull antioxidents.
Benefits include, relaxes blood vessels in the body to help blood circulation,also helps to improve the memory.
A very popular health supplement.
Contains powerful adaptogenic properties.
Benefits include, helps to prevent emotional and physical fatgue.
Also used for allergic skin conditions such as eczema.
Contains a number of unique substances.
Benefits, shown to help symptons such as anxiety also to relieve cramps, period pains, colic and pheumatic pains etc.

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